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Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning
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Star Wreck and Universal Pictures change the world!

P-Fleet The barrier between the film industry and the Internet is crumbling down, piece by piece. Energia Productions, the crew behind the 2005 release Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning, together with Universal Pictures have struck a groundbreaking distribution deal with a title that is legally and lawfully downloadable online.

"It's an interesting challenge," says Timo Vuorensola, the director of the film, and goes on to note: "If the DVD sales go as planned, it will surely change the attitude of the major players in the film industry. The Internet cannot be turned on or off according to the wishes of the major production companies. This means that the game has to be played on the terms of the Internet. The Internet can be a wonderful and powerful marketing and distribution tool and need not compromise the potential of the traditional channels."

The new Potkustart Energia and Universal are releasing The Imperial Edition of the four-million-download Internet smash hit Star Wreck on a Nordic level. The Imperial Edition is no run-of-the-mill redone version: hundreds and hundreds of hours have gone into upgrading the effects. Under the keen and critical eye of Executive Producer Samuli Torssonen, the Energia crew have redone all the visual effects in the film and honed them to perfection. The all-new starship designs are the work of the young and talented artist from Tampere, Juuso Mäkelä. The stunning vistas of deep space become a battlefield where the rugged "Russkie-like" ships of the P-Fleet relentlessly barrage the capitalistically oriented fleet of Babel-13.

"It has been my dream to have completely distinctive Star Wreck ships," says Torssonen. "The fleet that Pirk, the intergalactic dictator, commands has to look dangerous: the ships are heavy, aggressive and carry overwhelming firepower."

Close to 50% of the visuals has been remastered and because the already-high quality standards, the project would be quite a feat for even a larger effects company. The five members of the Energia crew have spared no effort, backed up by the ever so essential workstations provided by HP.

Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning – Imperial Edition spearheads Universal's wish to also be involved in distributing local movies and this title is the first on the battlefield.

The Imperial Edition will be available in stores and rental outlets on 13 December 2006. The 2-disc I.E. is not only remastered with all new effects and ships, but also has a hefty package of deleted scenes, bloopers and fumbles spanning all of the seven busy years of production, plus three all-new documentaries - including a "sneak peek" at Energia’s next feature film, Iron Sky.

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