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Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning


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Star Wr eck: In the Pirkinning - Imperial Edition

Disc 1 - The Film

Disc 1 is pretty close to the original In the Pirkinning DVD release... with several important differences! Check out the clips below and see for yourself.

The Movie

The film itself, Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning, looks just like it always did... at first glance. However, most of the visual effects and all starship models have been replaced with completely new ones, and with the remixed audio track, everything possible looks and sounds even better now than a year ago.

Audio commentary

We also have something entirely new (for us) but frequently requested: the audio commentary track. Samuli, Timo and Atte sat down and let loose with everything you've ever wanted to know about what happened behind the scenes of Star Wreck - and then some!

Spirit of Star Wreck

The good old Spirit of Star Wreck documentary, found on the original release, has also received a facelift. Originally filmed in early 2005, the documentary tells of a time before the premiere of ItP, that today seems a hundred years in the past.

Disc 2 - Special Features

Disc 2 contains mostly never-before-seen material, including alternative edits or extended versions of previously released scenes.

The Birth of the Imperial Edition

The Birth of the Imperial Edition documentary is the "one-year-later" of The Spirit of Star Wreck, a compact look at everything that has changed for the new edition. New team members are met and new challenges and their solutions described.

The Definitive Inside-out

The Definitive Inside-Out, a one-hour-plus nod to the early Inside-Out clips, takes a shameless and shocking look at the reality of making an independent motion picture over seven years. The camera does not lie, even when filming won't be finished, footage is lost, and the clock is ticking towards the premiere.

Towards the Iron Sky

In Towards the Iron Sky, we take a look at the future. The creative team behind our next feature film gives a face and a voice to the secretive project. What kind of attitudes are shaping the future of science fiction comedy?

Alternative Scenes

The Alternative Scenes provide a look at what might have been. There is a fifteen-minute edit of the beginning of the film, circa 2000, plus the original ending scene that was more in line with the classic, happy-go-lucky Star Wreck attitude. There are also two versions of the scene where the Kickstart attacks the Excavator.

Extended Scenes

There are also three Extended Scenes, showcasing some of the hundreds of hours of material that was shot, but was cut out simply because the crew grew more experienced in the art of filmmaking. These include the meeting with the Russian President and the ultimate fate of rockstar Jeff Cochbrane.

Deleted Scenes

Deleted Scenes are the meat and potatoes of any DVD release! The Imperial Edition features three: Pirk vs. the Helmswoman, Gathering Energy, and Pirk vs. Hayday.

Blooper reel

Nothing is ever easy for us... and this is proven by our "blooper reel", eloquently entitled You're Doing Good - NOT! If ten minutes seems a little short, believe us, any more of this would be unbearable - you'd either be laughing or crying.

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